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סינון מאפייני מוצר

סנן לפי מאפייני מוצר

Housing handles
Housing gland size
No. of pins including pe
Housing material
Housing Material
Installation Type

H-A + H-BE Single Kits

Sets of connector housings and Inserts combined sold in single units

ראה עוד

H-BE Housings

H-BE Housings  Suitable inserts - HB-E

EPIC® housings, robust and lockable for regtangular connectors size 24B. Applications in machine building, plant construction, measurement and control cabinets   

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H-A Housings

H-AHousings  Suitable inserts - H-A

ראה עוד

H-BE Inserts

H-BE Inserts - Suitable for H-BE Housings

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H-A Inserts

HA Inserts - Suitable for HA Housings

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