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כבלים ספיראליים

כבלים ספיראליים

סינון מאפייני מוצר

סנן לפי מאפייני מוצר

מבנה כבל
No. of Cores
Cross Section
Length Unextended
Length Extended


  • ÖLFLEX® SPIRAL 400 P - PUR spiral cable, chemical-, oil- and abrasion-resistant control cable for use in machines, plant construction and toolbuilding
    • High resistance to benzols, benzines and other substances listed in Appendix T1
    • High mechanical strength
    • Available in cross sections starting at 0,5 mm²

product information

Download Specs (PDF)

ראה עוד


  • UNITRONIC® SPIRAL - shielded PUR spiral cable, abrasion-resistant data and control cable for use in data processing, measurement and control engineering

    • Secure against electrical interferences
    • PUR outer sheath
    PUR outer sheath

product information

Download Specs (PDF)

ראה עוד
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